September Favorites.

Oh my, September has come and gone. Its fall and that means;  boots, apple everything, the changing of leaves and extra hand sanitizer.  Yes, I am obsessed with hand sanitizer, germs gross me out, i cannot be the only one.

Bath and Body works has this magical scent that engulfs me in this cold autumn crisp air, Golden pear & brown sugar. This scent gives me life, it isn’t tooo sweet and its just a nice hint of fall. While a majority of the world is basking in pumpkin and all its glory, I am over here like, ” hey Pear, hey.”

Oh! Oh! Another one my September favorites is, HAND SANITIZER.  I am by no means a hand santizer connoisseur but I do have my favorites. Kleenex brand, oh how I love the Kleenex brand moisturizing instant hand santizer. It doesn’t have an overwhelming alcohol scent, which is a huge plus. Fruity and alcohol doesn’t mix, unless it is in a fruity alcoholic drink.  Also, it doesn’t dry your hands out!! I hate when I sanitize and my hands get dried out. One of the worst feelings ever. Well, maybe not the worst feeling ever but it is one that is not a pleasant feeling.

Speaking of pleasant feelings,  chai tea. Yes, chai tea has been a life saver on some of these cold mornings. Starbucks makes a decent chai tea but to make it even better, add a little apple juice do it. Takes it to a whole new level. If you are ever in the Manteca area, the Bean and Leaf makes a pretty amazing Chai tea, Lord, the chai tea there is one of the most amazing things that the 209 has to offer. They make it homemade with love and it fills you with hopes and dreams. I cannot say anything bad about the Chai tea here.

Lotion, hand santizer and chai tea. Yup, those are my September favorites. No makeup, skincare or hair. September was a pretty basic month overall and I am thankful for that.



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