Monday Morning.

Mondays are not so secretly my favorite day of the week. I love waking up to a semi clean house and a fresh up of green tea. Yup, Mondays are pretty awesome. Its the start of a new week, which means the world is anew.

I try to have my eyes open around 6AM. You know what they say, the early bird gets the worm?  I open my eyes, put on my glasses and just take in the day. I stumble my way to the kitchen, pack up the huzbys lunch and send him on his way.  After he leaves, I start sipping my tea and unload the dish washer.( Over time you will slowly realize, I am super OCD about having a clean kitchen) After the dishes are unloaded, the tea is  gone and now the laundry begins.

Laundry. Oh how you do my dirty. HAHA! I usually pre-separate my laundry; darks, whites, lights, towels and uniforms. I start my first load of the day and proceed with my day.

While the clothes are getting washed, I slip into the shower. Nothing like a nice hot shower to get the week started. I’ve been using Bain De Terre in Passion flower.  I am obsessed with it and it keeps my hair healthy . Plus, the little hints of fruit smell, makes me feel like my hair on a a vacation. Question, anyone else conditioner first and than shampoo?  Side note: went to TjMaxx, found this almond smelling shower gel and it is giving me life.It doesn’t dry my skin out and the smell is mild. After the shower comes the brushing of the teeth, followed by the cleansing of the face. Right now, I am using Murad Acne clarifying cleanser.My skin is breaking our and going though puberty all over again, NOT COOL!

Once, I am all clean and fresh, it is usually time to put the clothes in the dryer and pretend to be busy. Mondays.



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