October Ipsy 2016

It is that time of month again, and I am not talking about that time, it is Ipsy time!! I love almost all things beauty. Ipsy is my favorite, so much so that I got my mother in law a years subscription for mothers day. Yup, I am obsessed.

This month, I had received Hot Mama Blush from The Balm. I love The Balm Cosmetics. The sample size is more like an eye shadow but that is not the end of the world because, the product itself is so creamy and pigmented. AMAZING! I think, I just might have to purchase the full size.  Yup, that good.

Oh! Oh! I got the Beaute Basics eye shadow in Satin Taupe. I had never heard of this brand before, so I was curious. Boy, I sure do love this eye shadow. It is really, the most perfect eye shadow for these fall days. It goes on so smooth and looks amazing all by itself.

And, to a product that is good but not for me. The essence superfine eyeliner pen that is waterproof goes on so nice and clean. The felt tip is easy to use and the black is nice and dark, but I have super oily eyelids which makes wearing eyeliner kind of unpleasant.  It dried super fast and I was like YES! Fast forward to the afternoon and I looked like a mess. One day, I will figure out the secret to eyeliner until than, I’ll just keep hoarding eyeliner.

The thing I was most excited for this month was the Adesse New York Liquid Chrome Organic Infused Nail Lacquer in Grand Central. First off, the smells was a little much but its nail polish, no biggie. Second, I have been wanting chrome nail polish for a little while but I have been super lazy about actually going out and buying it. So, when I got it in my Ipsy bag, I squealed like a little girl. The packaging is great and the nail polish is pretty neat. It did take about 2-3 coats but it was worth it. It looks really nice on and has not chipped too bad over the last 3 days. This just might be my new favorite nail polish, sorry sinful colors in soul mate. AHH!!

Last but not least, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. The packaging is so pretty and I love Sarah Jessica Parker but I am not sure about this scent. Its a mature scent and my huzby likes it but I am on the fence. I like the smell but I am not sure how I like it on me. I guess, i’ll just keep wearing it and over time we will see if I reach for it, who knows. It isn’t offensive, just different but not in a bad day.

Overall, Ipsy was a good month. The bag was super cute and the products are very usable.  I  can’t wait for next month. Oh, and what are your  thoughts on Birch Box?

Ipsy October 2016

4 thoughts on “October Ipsy 2016

  1. Birch box is fun but at the same time I wish I got more makeup. I would get weird nail polishes and I’m not good at my nails so yeah. I would love getting fancy eye liners and being able to try expensive perfumes like Harvey Prince. They sent me lip glosses but none of them ever flattered me. It’s so fun to get something in the mail!


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