Dear Jonah,

Dear Jonah,

Today is Infant Loss Awareness Day. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant with you. My period had skipped for two months, and I didn’t think too much into it. Until, I started getting sick. I had the “flu” for about two weeks and  I was dying.

Your dad had went to work and I was home alone, when I started googling flu and pregnancy symptoms. WebMD, always makes me feel like I am a crazy person. After a few hours googling, I had convinced myself I was going to die. So, like any normal person, I went to Walgreen’s and bought two pregnancy tests.

I took the test and it did not even humor me with waiting to show me two lines. Before I could even finish taking the test, I had two lines. I sat on the bathroom floor thinking, that was fast. So, I took a few more, just to double check. I was pregnant, the test did not lie.Now, I had to wait all night to tell him that I was pregnant.

Your dad and I had just moved in with each other, he had worked a double, when I blurted out, ” I’M PREGNANT!!” He was so tired and happy but mostly tired. I had a whole plan on how I was going to tell him. I bought him a shirt that said “man behind the bump.” The plan did not go as planned, I couldn’t wait. I had to tell him.

At that moment, I knew we (you and I) were going to be best friends. We were going to have so many adventures, picnics and movie dates. I was going to watch you grow and teach you about the world. I loved you since the moment those two lines appeared on the pregnancy test and I still love you today.

Maybe another day, I shall tell you about our pregnancy journey.

Love always,



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