Tasty Thai, Starbucks and Snapchat.

Today, I took a little adventure down the street, around to corner and a few stop lights out of the way from my destination, Tasty Thai. Tasty Thai is a cute little Thai restaurant, in the middle of no where in a busy street. The outside isn’t the cutest but the inside is adorable. I am loving the hints of gold and the comfy chairs.

I started the Thai iced tea. It came in a cute cup and with a side of ice water. The tea wasn’t too bad . The color was beautiful and the taste was delicious. Not too sweet and not too bitter, perfect. Oh and I really liked the the fact that it wasn’t over iced. I hate hate hate when places over ice and two sips later, the cup is empty.

After an iced tea and a small salad, lunch was served. I ordered the lunch special, Pad Thai with tofu. The noodles were nothing over the top but the tofu is what won me over. I love tofu. The tofu here was crispy and not over cooked. Well seasoned and still firm was what was happening with this tofu. The noodles were flavorful which made the tofu even better but I do wish pad thai had more veggies.Side Note;  the peanuts were perfect. I love love love the fact that they put them on the side.

Overall, this place is a once in a while must. Once lunch was over, My friend and I took a small, 30 minute drive to Starbucks. We clearly are caffeine dependent lifeforms.

Arrived at destination, Starbucks. Just take money, give me stars and caffeine. I really truly believe with all my heart that caffeine makes the world go round. Starbucks consisted of caffeine, snapchats and sassy phone calls with sassy little sisters.  Lord, the cold brew with coconut milk is giving me life but so is the passion tea with no sugar, syrup and a pump of raspberry with apple juice. I am addicted, and I am perfectly fine with that.

After all the Thai food, starbucks and snap, I am thankful today is finally over. I am going to be wide awake for the next million billion hours but it was totally worth it. Nothing like good friends, good food, surprise packages and my little huzby.

AHHH. I was not going to tell you about my surprise package but i cannot hold it in. My daddy bear is in Alaska and he had Alaskan king crab sent over. I love love love crab and I am so excited to eat it! Also, he sent over fresh salmon and halibut.Honestly, I am not a huge fan of halibut but it will have to do. Just kidding, fresh fish is amazing, even if it is halibut.


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