January Favorites

I cannot believe its already 2018 and that January is pretty much over. This year is going by so fast. I say that every year but this year I mean it. I would say that January has been a busy month, but it has not. Which, has been nice.



I started the year off right, on the coast. The hubby and I spent Christmas on the coast and extend our stay until the beginning of the year.  The ocean air was just what i needed and the sound of the waves were soothing to my soul. Glass beach, was where we spent the holiday. Fort Brag, was AMAZING! Fort Bragg has the most magical ice cream shop EVER! Everything is homemade and they even have an ice cream in the flavor of mushroom. Normally, I hate mushrooms. I go as far as to tell people that I am allergic. ( so extra, I know) The mushroom ice cream was so smooth and creamy, it tasted like maple, MAPLE! The ice cream parlor had CHAI flavored ice cream too. I love chai tea and the ice cream. The fact they combined it, was a dream come true. Aside from the ice cream and the ocean, I really did enjoy Fort Bragg.



For Christmas, I got the cutest pair of Tiffany earrings. I wear them all the time and they match everything. Plus, who doesn’t love a present that comes in a little blue box? Honestly, the hubby did a wonderful job picking out my christmas present this year.

Soo, what goes good with Tiffany earrings? A STAR WARS purse. I got it last year for mothers day and hadn’t really used it too much. Weird, I know. But, I have been using it more and more lately. I love that it’s small and I can fit a good amount of stuff inside.


I have binge watched STEVENS UNIVERSE. I did not think I was going to enjoy it but I did, ALOT! The theme song is catchy and Steven is kind of cute in his own little way. He is a gem. (pun intended)



Honestly, I haven’t been wearing that much makeup. I’ve been just letting my face breath. But, when I do wear makeup. I have been reaching for my Colour Pop Double Entendre palette. The colors are so creamy and pigmented. Can’t go wrong with this palette. Hands down, my favorite for day and night time looks.

January has been a nice month with coastal hangs, ice cream dates and time well spent with my hubby. If only, every month was like this. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings but if it is anything like January,  it’s going to be a good year. WHAHOO!


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